Gunchest Synopsis

It’s the year 2057. Saturated globalization brings trade wars that are not between countries, but between major enterprises. Top entities cooperate to build an artificial city fabricated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, building an impenetrable entry barrier, cutting costs and time to unimaginable levels. It is the Monocommunity. But, there is one uncalculated major flaw - its vulnerability to natural disasters. No one desires to live in this unsafe and isolated environment. Hence, the scientists of the enterprises create robots infused with human DNA called Ankh which is extracted from a tree called Isis. This gives the robots human decision making capabilities that will enable them to run the Monocommunity. Bleeding Fists, funded by the smaller corporations that are at the brink of extinction, are determined to destroy the Monocommunity operations. As a countermeasure, the enterprises build their own special force called the Bandage Team, which includes a series of robots called Gunchest. Built with the best human DNA in the market, a total of 45 volumes of Gunchests were produced. Now, only one remains, Gunchest Vol. 45. The last hope to saving the Monocommunity.

Episode 1 The Dangerous Present


Gunchest Comics